Ramapo Kennel Club Awards

Ramapo Kennel Club Achievement Awards Application (PDF)

In order to be apply for and receive any RKC awards, members must
fulfill two of the following:

  • Work at the Point Show
  • Work at the Match Show
  • Attend two club meetings
  • Work at Show Handling and/or Obedience Class
  • Work on a Club Committee
  • Participate in a Public Education demonstration
  • Participate in a Pet Therapy Session
(Life members or members living more than 60 miles
from show function are exempt.)

"Lee Abraham Award"

"Aennchen Antonelli/Gilma Blauvelt-Moss Breeders Award"

"William and Ruby Kleinmann's Memorial Award"

"Millie McCabe Award"

"Leslee Valente Memorial Trophy"

                                                      Ramapo Kennel Club/SharlaitDanes 2005-2008